Whether you’re heading to your first yoga class or you’re an avid yogi, one thing everyone can agree on is your body truly feels fantastic after a yoga class. Yoga is known for increasing flexibility, muscle strength, and tone. Yoga can even help to balance your metabolism and prevent injury. Whether you are looking to tone up or reduce stress in your life, you’ll want to make sure that you are comfortable in your clothing choices and can move around easily. We’ve have created some guidelines for what to wear to a yoga class.

Tops to wear to Yoga class

yoga tops should be form fitting

There are many factors to consider when selecting your top to wear to a yoga class. Think about the temperature in the room, how physically demanding the class is, and possible poses; will you be doing headstands? Tank tops (like our Bella + Canvas Flowy  Tank tops) are a great option as they are form fitting and absorb sweat easily. A loose fitting t-shirt is typically not a great choice because it can tend to move up and get in your way during various poses. Make sure your top is made of a blend of cotton and lycra as this will help absorb the most sweat.

Pants to wear to Yoga class

Yoga Pants are a key part

Just like tops, you have many factors when considering what to wear to a yoga class for your bottom half. If you are doing a vinyasa or hot yoga, you will likely want to wear capris or shorts as these yogas are more physically demanding and you can sweat buckets. Hatha yoga is a much gentler practice so harem pants may be a great option.  

Socks or Bare Feet?

Image result for yoga socks

Yoga is done without wearing socks. You want to make sure you have good traction on your mat you will not be slipping around. However, some people do like to wear a yoga sock to keep their feet warm, especially with the coldness of the winter. Yoga socks are usually much thinner than a typical sock and are open around the toes. If you want to go the sock route, make sure to purchase a true yoga sock and one with grips, so you are not slipping all around.

Additional factors to keep in mind when choosing what to wear to a yoga class are:

  • Price. No need to spend a $100 on yoga pants when less expensive version exists and work great. (Especially when you can design your own one-of-a-kind pair with Printaroo)
  • Durability. You want to make sure that the fabric you chose not only helps absorb moisture, but you also want to make sure it will withstand washing and re-wearing.
  • Comfort. Comfort should be a considerable factor when shopping for what to wear to a yoga class. You need to feel secure and covered to be able to relax and move freely.

Determining what to wear to a yoga class shouldn’t stress you out. Make sure to keep in mind the type of yoga you are doing and to put comfort before fashion.