The basic t-shirt is the one wardrobe staple that never gets old. Wearing a great shirt with sayings on it can speak volumes about who you are and what you think/believe.  We’ve rounded up some great shirts with sayings that also make an important impact on our world.

Good hYOUman

Good hYOUman was created back in 2011 by Brett Novek to honor his late father. The brand has evolved over the years to create the most comfortable clothing while simultaneously giving back to the planet. They offer men’s, women’s, and kids clothing, along with a variety of accessories. The thing we love most about this brand is that you can find some great basic pieces with or without sayings. The shirts that do have sayings are often uplifting and encouraging. These pieces would be great while working out, running errands, or lounging.  You can find Good hYOUman at https://goodhyouman.com

Alternative Apparel – DIY Shirts with Sayings Idea

Keeper Weathered Slub T-Shirt #1

Last week we wrote about the hobbyist who enjoys making his or her own t-shirt. Alternative Apparel is exactly the brand for you. Alternative Apparel’s website does not offer any shirts with sayings but that is where you get to be creative. The options are endless with their colors and designs. When your shirt arrives you can then get busy making your own shirts with sayings. Alternative Apparel does run on the pricier side but they are a company that is committed to sustainability. You can check out Alternative Apparel here, https://www.alternativeapparel.com

One Word

Men's COURAGE. T-Shirt

One Word is a company that offers some pretty amazing and uplifting products/shirts with sayings. Their shirts often feature just a single word that is meant to bring change, reveal purpose, and serve as an aha moment. One Word has donated 2/3rds of its profits to better the lives of children and young adults. With men’s shirts being roughly $22 dollars in price they are a reasonable option. You can find One Word, here https://www.thewordchanges.com.

Arm the Animals

Women's | Caturday | Oversized Tee

Arm the Animals creates beautifully made shirts with sayings that directly benefit cash strapped organizations. They work with organizations such as Wildlife SOS, Southern California Bulldog Organization, and Dallas Dogs RRR. Arm the Animals is not considered a non-profit but rather a regular apparel business that loves to give back and change the lives of animals, or social enterprise. They offer a wide variety of shirts with sayings and it’s great to know that your purchase matters. For the Arms the Animals website, click here, https://www.armtheanimals.com

The next time you are in the market for a great shirt with saying on it make sure and check out one of the above organizations!