• The evolution of eCommerce platforms makes managing online shops easier and easier.
  • Platforms such as TeeSpring offer an advantage to those with the ability to sell 20k+ shirts a month, leaving startups to fend for themselves
  • Printaroo is the newest software player in the space, with a unique approach, giving users access to industry-best pricing from shirt one.


Printed t-shirts have been a staple of anyone’s closet for hundreds of years. Shirts symbolize different times in our lives and act as reminders to take a step down memory lane every now and then. This approach of holding onto shirts for 10+ years has also been a strain on relationships; whether a shirt symbolizes an ex or is just plain unwearable due to heavy wear and tear, pun intended. Regardless of the backstory that follows a shirt, the act of shirt creation is a trend that has seemingly boomed in recent years and shows no signs of slowing down.

The rise of eCommerce platforms provides the opportunity for merchants of any size to launch a product and broadcast it to the entire world, providing us little guys with a dream and a little bit of drive, to start a brand and compete with the large conglomerates of the world. As time has passed, technology has improved, making the daunting task of managing an online shop easier and easier.

The industry has come a very long way since the days of screen printing a layer by layer. Manufacturers and printers have automated much of the process making way for the ability to print cheaper, while also maintaining a print’s integrity. Companies such as CafePress and TeeSpring have capitalized on these optimizations making it easier for a user to open up their own online shop.

The Problem of the Shirt Printing Industry

However, this typically comes at a cost. The most apparent being the branded website. When a user creates a design (or campaign as some sites call it) buyers are directed to the platforms’ website building upon their own brand, rather than the designers’. Another shortcoming of these platforms comes in the payouts side. For a user to sell 1 shirt on TeeSpring, it would cost them $10.22 to have it printed, but if you were to reach their highest volume tier at 20,000 pieces per month, your cost would drop to $5.42. This model is imitated across the industry, creating a disadvantage and a barrier to entry for the entrepreneurial spirits looking to brand merchandise as a business.

Enter Printaroo.

Printaroo has developed proprietary software and the concept of crowd-buying (defined below); using this theory to negotiate terms with printers across the globe to simplify the entire process. The result is a simplified pricing model not based on your ability to drive sales for another company’s website, rather a combination of needs and wants of developing your own brand.

What is crowd-buying?

The theory of crowd-buying, as introduced to our printing and fulfillment partners, is combining and utilizing the buying power of individuals to obtain rates similar to those of industry giants. Think back to the TeeSpring example above, where they give their users that sell 20,000 products per month a discounted rate of $5.42 per shirt. Printaroo’s crowd-buying theory says “together we can sell 20,000+ products per month, so everyone should receive the same benefit of that price if we work together.”

So what is Printaroo?

Printaroo Software, LLC is an eCommerce platform that provides users with a fair and easy way to create, sell, and order custom-designed merchandise, without the pressure of inventory risk. Printaroo uses proprietary software that has been refined for the last year to best optimize every portion of running an online store, passing all the savings down to its user base.

What does it cost?

Printaroo provides three tiers of pricing: Free, Startaroo ($9.99/month), and Toparoo ($49.99/month). The free tier is designed for those looking to print their own merchandise for personal use and looking for the best price in the industry for one-off printing and fulfillment. Startaroo is a mid-level package for those who want to dip a toe in the waters of building their own brand; the two key benefits of this plan is better pricing on a per item basis as well as the ability to use your own domain. Toparoo is the top of the line package available to users. The one distinguishing value proposition for Toparoo is its industry-best pricing. The pricing in this tier is comparable to competitors’ top tiers that require volumes of over 1,000 per month, or even as much as 20,000 per month at TeeSpring.


In a nutshell, Printaroo is a software platform that simplifies and truly empowers its users to compete at any level they desire. Its pricing model levels the playing field for those that want to take on the giants, while still providing industry-best pricing to those just looking to buy a gift for their spouse. Printaroo is the latest competitor in a highly saturated space, but its unique value proposition could change the game completely.