Whether you’re new to print-on-demand or you’re a long time mobber (Fun Fact: Mob is a group of Kangaroos) we want to thank you for being here.

When we first launched in November, we never thought we would gain so much traction so quickly. We’ve received lots of feedback from our fantastic community, from bugs to feature requests to industry introductions.

Since we are a startup in the print-on-demand industry, we can stay nimble and indeed build a platform for “the people.” It is why we decided to start doing weekly progress reports. So you, as our community, can see what we’re working on; and continue to give us gracious feedback that will continue to mold our future. Also, to stay on top of us to keep us moving forward.

Our weekly progress reports will include bugs we’ve encountered and fixed, new features, partnerships, shoutouts, etc. That said, let’s get down to business!


printaroo bug fix

1. Collection Banner Bug – This bug shows the collection name in the banner. Introduced to our team on Wednesday 3/6, we have found the code that is affecting this. It turns out this is a header tag, but set at h4. We have pushed an update to change it to an h1 header and moved it below the banner. Users will also be able to enable or disable this feature. Status: FIXED

2. iPhone Product Viewer bug – Less of a bug, more of a UX issue. iPhone users were forced to click on the product, then click on a “view product” button to view the product page. This bug has been updated as of 3/10. The fix allows users to click on the product thumbnail and automatically directs them to the product page. Status: FIXED


1. Kickstarter – Over the next two weeks, we are putting together our Kickstarter page and strategizing the best way to launch it. We have heard you and your Shopify requests! We are hoping to raise $15,000 to pay a development company to build us a seamless Shopify integration app. During the 30-day campaign, users will be able to buy LIFETIME subscriptions to our platform! So please keep an eye out as we work out the details.

A look at the Future:

Our team has been working hard on industry partnerships to add more print-on-demand product offerings to our platform. Printaroo has many exciting products in the pipeline, but can’t announce them just yet. We promise you will love them though. Our hope is to have as many as 100 products that you’ll be able to design and sell on your shops in the next few months.

Thank you again for your continued support. 2019 is going to be an excellent year for the mob!