• TeeSpring is an industry giant with some of the most competitive pricing in the world.
  • Printaroo offers a unique approach not seen in the industry, resulting in industry-best pricing and commissions on merchandise.
  • While TeeSpring has a large marketplace, Printaroo allows users to brand their merchandise and online shop. This white-label solution is a rarity in the industry.


The merchandise printing industry is not new and is actually highly saturated. Shirt platforms pop up left and right, but giants somehow maintain their status quo. In this post, we take a look at one of the best in the industry, TeeSpring. We will compare pricing and competitive advantages that each site provides.

Round 1: Pricing

One could argue, the most important consideration is pricing. How much are products going to cost me? What can I sell these products for? How much am I going to profit? These thoughts in mind, let’s take a dive into TeeSpring (pricing found here) and Printaroo‘s pricing models. (Sorry for the Sheets screenshot, we’re a startup!)

competitive analysis of pricing between TeeSpring and Printaroo. Clear pricing advantage for Printaroo

Taking a look at the pricing model, you immediately notice 3 columns. Printaroo has created 3 pricing structures called Bronze (Free), Silver ($9.99/month), and Gold ($49.99/month). This structure is Printaroo’s unique offering, good or bad is up to the users’ needs. TeeSpring actually has 8 different pricing tiers, all free, but volume based. We separated the tiers to try to do our best job comparing apples-to-apples.

Round 1.1: High Price Tier

Bronze pricing is completely free to users looking to buy their own custom design. It’s a tier designed for those looking for personal use. We’ve highlighted the 3 most sold products, men’s shirts, hoodies, and ladies shirts. Within the free tier, users are able to save over a $1 per print on each highlighted product. In fact, pricing is better in every category. The fact that both sites offer these at no additional cost, makes Printaroo the hands-down winner in this comparison. Winner: Printaroo

Round 1.2: Mid Price Tier

Silver pricing comes at a cost of $9.99 per month on Printaroo. Again, TeeSpring is completely free, but you must sell 1,000 products per month to get this price. The pricing advantage, mostly, falls to Printaroo; though TeeSpring has closed the gap. The Bella Flowy Tank is the only product that TeeSpring is able to out price Printaroo. However, Ladies shirts is an eye-popping $3 advantage to Printaroo. One of the other “advantages” of paying the $9.99/month is the ability to use your own custom domain and lead buyers to your own branded website. TeeSpring has an open market for shirts where you’re always driving traffic to their site. Given the branded advantage along with the pricing advantages, Printaroo wins this as well. Winner: Printaroo

Round 1.3: Low Price Tier

Gold users are directed to pay $49.99 per month. While TeeSpring maintains its free status once again. In order to get this best price at TeeSpring, a seller must be moving 20,000 shirts per month. At an average retail price per shirt of $22, multiplied by 20,000 units, a seller is selling $440,000 per month. This is an astonishing 5.28 million dollars a year selling merchandise. However, how many startups or even small businesses can actually hit these numbers? Not to mention they base pricing on the previous month. So if a seller hits 20,000 shirts month 1, they pay the highest price tier of $10.22 per. This would result in approximately $100,000 in lost potential profits. A quick look at Printaroo’s pricing reveals that users that pay the $49.99/month are now receiving pricing BETTER than the 20,000+ sellers at TeeSpring in most products. Winner: Printaroo

Round 2: Merchandise Designer

Now that we know who prints merchandise for the best price, who can help you design the better product? Both products have similar designer features. They both allow uploads of custom designs, and both have a basic “add text” feature. A user can create any design on their shirts or other merchandise with ease. Both platforms are quite basic, but get the job done. Winner: Tie

Round 3: Quality of Merchandise

Users may be thinking, well TeeSpring is bigger and has been around longer, so their product must be superior. In comparing prices, we made sure to take an apples-to-apples approach. The merchandise compared on Printaroo vs TeeSpring are the exact same products. Shirt brands such as Gildan and BELLA+CANVAS, among others. Winner: Tie

Round 4: Traffic

TeeSpring ranks as the #3,529 most visited site in the world! Their marketplace is representative of thousands of designers and hundreds of thousands of designs. Printaroo is a startup and doesn’t even rank. Even if Printaroo ranked globally, traffic would not help shop owners sell their product. Because Printaroo is a white-label solution, shop owners are in charge of their own marketing and driving their own sales. A marketplace does not exist on Printaroo (yet!). Winner: TeeSpring


Obviously, we may be a little biased on who we favor more (just a little). The numbers tell the story though, Printaroo has a massive pricing advantage. Period. Its fair subscription-based model allows any sized user to compete against giants. In fact, after analyzing dozens of competitors, Printaroo manages to out price them all. That being said, Printaroo isn’t for everyone. There are sellers that make a living from TeeSpring’s marketplace. Some sellers who don’t like the idea of paying a monthly subscription will also shy away from our platform.

Whatever your needs may be, Printaroo and TeeSpring both offer great shirt and merchandise platforms. Which one is better? That likely is dependent on your needs of pricing and a large marketplace.

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