Creativity isn’t everyone’s forte. Often employers are looking for creative outside of the box thinkers that can problem solve. Or perhaps you are the business owner but feel stuck in generating new ideas for your business. It turns out creativity isn’t a trait you are necessarily born with. It is a trait that you can continue to grow and become better at. We’ve compiled a list of ideas to help you tap into that creative side in no time.


Whether you are a business owner or employee learning is key to understanding the business you are in. To be creative in your field, you must first have to appreciate it sincerely. To expand your knowledge base try these few ideas below.

    • Listen to podcasts
    • Read current articles
    • Have a mentor

Clear Your Brain

To tap into your creative side, you have to be able to prep your mind for that level of work. Also, think about the time of day you are trying to flex your creative muscles. For some, the end of the day would be hard due to being tired and burnt out. Here are some great ways to clear your brain to be ready to be creative.

    • Play music
    • Meditate
    • Go for a quick walk

Idea Generation

Idea generation can be a quick brainstorm with coworkers or possibly just an exercise that you complete yourself. Either way, brainstorming ideas can help show you what is possible or even allow you to explore a different realm in business altogether.

    • Set a timer and allow the ideas to flow
    • Change your scenery
    • Work with a coworker

Create Goals

Once you have the idea, planning out goals is a significant next step to being more creative. You now know the result, but you have to still figure out how to get there.

    • Use a timeline/calendar
    • Plan a beginning, middle, and end to meet your goal

Find a Hobby

Lastly, to become more creative finding a hobby can help you flex those creative muscles you never knew you had. By taking up painting, or dance, you begin to tap into a part of the brain you may not use often. Taking the time to do something you enjoy is incredibly beneficial.

    • Check your local YMCA for classes
    • Invite a friend
    • Enjoy

These five different ways to help you become more creative in the workplace. Make sure and comment below on some ways or ideas you have on tapping into your creative side!