It is that time of year where graduating seniors are getting ready to finish up high school and begin thinking about college. Parents of those graduating seniors are also thinking about college but are gearing up to plan graduation parties. We thought we would take some time and create a list of graduation party ideas.


graduation pictures for party idea

Pictures are also great to incorporate into any party, but they are especially fun to incorporate into a graduation party, which makes this our first graduation party idea.

Then and Now Pieces

Using picture centerpieces are relatively easy and inexpensive. You will need to place a picture of the graduate sometime during their childhood and one current image. Then place the photos on a stick and put both sticks in the vase. Guests will love to see how the graduate has changed over the years.

Graduation Year Poster

You first will need to cut out the year the graduate is graduating in ( preferably using cardboard) and then take pictures and place them on the numbers. The photos will form the year. The poster can be put on the cake table or hung on a wall.


school colors for graduation gift

Incorporating important colors into the party gives it a perfect festive touch.

High School Colors

Using the recent graduates’ high school colors for the party is a fun way of commemorating all the hard work the graduate did over the last four years. Having table runners or balloons in the high school color is a way to personalize the party and makes using colors a fun graduation idea.

College Colors

Perhaps your grad wants to look into the future for their party. Use the college’s colors they will be attending in the fall to form a color scheme for the party. Having floral arrangements or the cake in the college’s colors add a special touch.

Favorite things

sports memorabilia for graduation idea

Doing a favorite things party is a unique graduating party idea.

Drink and Dinner

These can all be current or past favorites of the graduate. Set up a table with favorite foods and beverages and allow the guests to enjoy.


If sports have been your graduates go to thing, think about displaying fun memorabilia around the tables for guests to view and enjoy.

Future Career Path

career path for graduation

If your graduate has an idea of what he/she wants to do in life, this will make a great graduation party idea. If your graduate is going into the police academy, having décor to match this would be perfect! Likewise, having a chalkboard, rules, and apples as table centerpieces would be cute for an aspiring teacher.

Graduation parties do not need to cost a fortune. Nor do they need to be time-consuming to plan. Keeping the focus of the party on the graduate and what they like is a great way to personalize the occasion.