In our last blog post, we wrote about why giving a gift of custom clothing or personalized gift can be beneficial. So today we are going to provide you with ideas on who you can give a custom t-shirt to. Custom shirts for men and women are an excellent way to show unity and support for the ones that mean the most to you.

College Students

custom shirts for student gifts

You can’t have an article about custom shirts and NOT include college students. They fit this category perfectly! A typical college student is living in sweats or gym clothes. Having a custom t-shirt for men and women is an ideal gift for any college student. You can easily place their college of choice on a t-shirt or sweatshirt, and they’ll surely love their gift.

Vacations/Family Reunions

family reunion shirts

Having a custom t-shirt made for the men and women of your family for an upcoming vacation is such a great idea. Whether you are all traveling to Disney World together or going on a cruise having a custom t-shirt made to remember the occasion is such a perfect idea. Chose a bright colored t-shirt or design to make locating family members a breeze.

Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties

bachelorette party shirts

It seems bachelor/bachelorette parties are often weekend events. Having everyone chip in on purchasing a custom t-shirt, and gifting one to the bride or groom, is a great way to have lots of fun. Having a fun inside joke printed on the shirt or simply shirts that identify each member of the bridal party is a great way to show the bride/groom how much they mean to their friends and family.


teacher gifts

Custom shirts for men and women are such a great idea for the school staff and administration. Whether they are purchased through the PTO for a teacher appreciation gift or they are simply bought by the school staff member themselves; it’s a great way to show school unity to students and parents alike.

Sporting events/teams

sports fan shirts

Whether the custom t-shirt is a gift to the winning team or it serves as a jersey of sorts, men and women alike will love this custom t-shirt idea. Customizable t-shirts are a great way to build team unity!

So there you have it. Five different times a custom t-shirt for men and women would make a perfect gift. It indeed is the thought that counts and giving a personalized gift goes the extra mile.