For graduating seniors, the next few months mark saying goodbye to school and friends and moving onto a new chapter. Graduation is something worth celebrating by the student and also the family. Last week we provided some graduation party ideas. Today, we’ve compiled some custom graduation shirts and sayings that would be fun to wear to any graduation event in the near future.

I Graduated, Can I Go Back to Bed

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The terms, teenage and sleep, are the same. Which makes this t-shirt by oTZIshirts so funny! This is a great shirt for any graduate to wear to graduation parties or the beach.

 Class of 2019

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This next shirt just screams classic. The font, the custom color options, and the ease of a crew neck t-shirt makes this a great custom graduation shirt and saying option.  This shirt would be great for a group of friends to wear either to school, or to a graduation party.

Respect Your Elders

Seniors rule the school, there is not question about that. The, Respect Your Elders, custom graduation shirts and saying from Amazon is a great way to remind those underclassmen of that.

Proud Dad/Proud Mom Shirt

Amazon offers a wide variety of custom graduation shirts and sayings for the graduate’s family to wear to graduation day. These shirts would even be fun for mom or dad to wear to the graduation party as well. No one is prouder than the graduate but mom/dad are a close second.

Preschool, Nailed it

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Perhaps the recent graduate isn’t moving out of their parents house just yet. Yes, that’s right, we’re talking about preschool graduation. This shirt is clearly more for the parent but it is very cute and would make for an adorable picture.

Graduated AF

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While, perhaps not the most appropriate shirt for school, our next custom graduation shirt and saying is super fun! This shirt would be cute to wear to the beach with some shorts or to a graduation party.

One Last Custom Graduation Shirt Idea

If you still haven’t yet found the perfect graduation shirt and saying then consider opening a shop on Printaroo and designing your own.  You can either print out a bunch of shirts for your family and friends or just direct them to your Printaroo site to order their own. You’ll surely become the favorite family member for your creative designs and easy ordering.

So there you have it, seven very different custom graduation shirts and saying options. We’d love to hear your favorite in the comments below.