• Not all of us possess the abilities to bring custom creations to life.
  • Printaroo makes it easier to design t-shirts and other merchandise.
  • Using text-based or upload designer options give a wide spectrum of options for your custom creation.


We all have a friend or neighbor that is able to custom create anything. They look at Instagram for their “inspo” and bring it to life. It’s picture perfect as if they were the originator of the concept. Then there’s you… an emphatic “at least you tried” from your friends is a normal occurrence. Some have that gift of custom creations ability, and most simply do not. However, that doesn’t mean you are unable to custom create something of your own. Today’s technological advances make it easier for us to bring custom creations to life. While it may not be the same as Aunt Suzie’s magical unicorn cupcakes, it doesn’t mean your custom creations should be celebrated any less!

The Process

Many companies today offer the ability to customize their product offering. This offers the masses the ability to bring their custom creations to life. Printaroo’s platform, for example, allows users of all experience to custom create merchandise. Whether you have zero graphic design ability or design for a living, your custom creations come to life.

Text Based Example

custom creating your unicorn shirt is as easy as typing a few words

As you can see in the sample above, creating awesome merchandise is as simple as a few clicks of a button. Step one, was to choose what type of product I wanted my custom creation put on. After choosing that, you need to pick a color. Then type in your creative text and choose from different font options and colors. That’s it! You’re limited to your own creativity!

Upload Your Design

custom creating your unicorn mug is as simple as uploading

Maybe you have more skills than you give yourself credit for. Are you able to freehand draw that magical unicorn? Or maybe you can muster up a quick Photoshop design. Printaroo has an option for that too. Perhaps the most popular method of custom creations is the upload option. Whether it’s on Printaroo or any other platform, the option to upload artwork is universal. With a few clicks of the button, you have a custom made unicorn mug that puts Aunt Suzie’s unicorn cupcakes to shame.


Whether you’re creating a unicorn shirt for your daughter or firefighter mug for your husband, or anything in between. Printaroo’s easy-to-use platform and simple pricing make it easy to bring your custom creations to life.

ordering your custom creations is easy on Printaroo