• Shirt printers have long profited on their consumers using a tiered pricing model based on volume.
  • Printaroo offers a unique approach not seen in the industry, resulting in industry-best pricing and commissions on merchandise.
  • Crowd-buying theory combines the buying power of individuals to equate to that of a giant.


Shirt printers have been around for a long time. Companies like CafePress, TeeSpring, and CustomInk changed the landscape of shirt printing as we know it. Prior to these industry giants staking their claim in history, people went to brick-and-mortar shops that provided screen printing services. The issue with these small brick-and-mortar shirt printers? They were typically limited to a local customer base. This meant that buying in large quantities was either not possible or highly detrimental to business. In turn, unavailable to customers looking to buy with a budget in mind. Another issue faced is turn around time. Typically, with only a hand few screen printers, these brick-and-mortar shops would take weeks to turn around a product.

CafePress was one of the first on the scene to solve these issues. A national footprint meant national customers, which meant discounted pricing. Other competitors like TeeSpring and CustomInk, among others, have since entered the space. Each platform providing something different in pricing, yet everything is much of the same.

Landscape of Yesterday

The big 3, all had very similar models:

  • Provide a shirt designer a large marketplace to sell their designs.
  • Designers create campaigns to drive traffic to their product on these sites.
  • Tiered pricing based on volume a user can sell.

This “formula” became their recipe for success and would be imitated, time and time again. Designers would drive traffic to the main website, making a buyer think about also opening up their own stores. Anyone with a great idea and some know-how could sell shirts within minutes. The marketplace and campaign drive we’re considered win-win-win. The site makes money on the sale, the designer makes a few dollars, the consumer gets a shirt they want.

However, this model tilts in great favor of the shirt printer. The tiered pricing model allows the shirt printer to make thousands of dollars on a seller’s design before offering better pricing. The optimal pricing only offered to those that were proven to drive sales. Leaving small businesses and entrepreneurs helpless.

Introducing Crowd-Buying

The phenomenon of crowd-funding started in the early 2000s. An opportunity for projects to raise money from a large pool of people over the internet. While users provided $10 here, $50 there, projects could potentially raise millions of dollars! The power of numbers of everyone chipping in profoundly impacted a business. So much so, that companies could now raise more capital than billionaires were willing to invest. So how does this all tie in together?

If crowd-funding provided “billionaire powers” to individuals that band together. Why can’t sellers combine their purchase power to receive top-tier pricing of the Goliath sellers? Shirt printers and their technology have come a long way. Systems are more automated and break even is much lower. These optimizations on profitability sadly don’t go down to the sellers. They go directly to the bottom-line of the shirt printer. Unless, of course, you can help them sell 20,000 shirts a month.

Crowd-Buying with Printaroo

Crowd-buying theory allows buyers to pool their buying power to share the discount across the board.

Allow us to preface, Printaroo is not a shirt printer. We are merely a tech startup that decided enough was enough. We’ve developed software and negotiated with shirt printers to help entrepreneurs and small businesses build their brands. We told our shirt printer partners, “by combining everyone’s purchase power, we will sell 20k-50k merchandise per month. So our users deserve the top tier pricing you have to offer.” Thus, the birth of Printaroo. A subscription-based platform that allows users to maximize profitability from shirt one.


We believe the Printaroo platform and unique offering will truly disrupt the industry. When any user can pay a mere $49.99/month to receive pricing better than TeeSpring’s 20k+ per month sellers (as seen on our last blog post), you’re going to have disruption. Change needs to happen in the shirt printing industry. That change starts now!

Open your store today. Printaroo makes it quick and easy to start selling your designed merchandise! 100% FREE. No Inventory Risk. No Startup Costs. No Minimum Orders. No Color Limits. Fast Payouts. Completely Turnkey.