A few weeks ago we put together a post about shirts that would be perfect for a child to wear to his or her birthday.  Today we are going to round up some fantastic ideas for adult birthday party ideas. Adults should celebrate their birthday too!

Host a Cake Swap

host cake swap for birthday party idea

Perhaps you don’t feel like being quite the center of attention but still feel like doing a little something for your birthday; hosting a cake swap is the perfect birthday party idea. Invite your friends and suggest that instead of a gift, they bring a slice of their very favorite cake. It can be store-bought, or homemade, and then spend the night sipping wine, enjoying your friends, and tasting all the lovely slices of cake that were brought.

Private Chef

private chef for birthday party idea

This is an excellent idea for a laid back, casual evening with friends. You can hire a chef to create some of your very favorite meals and enjoy them in the comfort of your own home. If having a private chef isn’t quite your speed, then plan a menu and spend the time having your very best friends cook dinner with you.

Host a Jewelry Making Party

make jewelry birthday party idea

Are you and your friend’s artsy? Or at least love trying new things, then this birthday party idea is for you. What better than to have a jewelry making party where you and your friends can create a custom piece of jewelry to remember your fun night together.

Plan a Murder Mystery Party

murder mystery party idea

Maybe our favorite birthday party idea yet. Companies now offer everything you need to host a murder mystery party. You’ll need to do a little preplanning. Make sure you find a company that provides scripts and characters and then spend some time assigning characters to each guest. Bonus points in the guests show up in costume!

Plan a Mock Olympics Party

birthday party idea olympics

Just imagine it, its summertime, and you and your athletic friends are about competing in a tournament of sorts. This is an excellent party theme for people who love competition! You’ll need to spend some time planning out exactly what everyone will compete in. Have a trophy made for the winning person or team. Then when your birthday comes around the next year, you all have an excuse to play again.

Ultimate Cheeseboard Party

birthday party idea cheese

Cheeseboards are so yummy and fun! Plan a party with a fantastic cheeseboard. Find some unique cheeses you wouldn’t typically have and make sure to include some tried and true favorites. What a fun way to learn all about cheese with some of your favorite people!

So see, birthday parties are not just for kids. They can easily make for adults with on our birthday party ideas above. So figure out when, where, and who to invite and what theme to do, and you’ll be having a fantastic time before you know it!