Working from home has now become the norm in many work professions. It completely makes sense. Working from the comfort of home has some great benefits for both the employee and employer. It allows you to save money, work from anywhere, have effective meetings, and create a schedule you love. Its no wonder working from home has become more of the norm. In order to be your absolute best we’ve rounded up some best tips to work from home productively.

Have your own Workspace

Desk workspace to work from home

Having your own set workspace doesn’t need to be a fancy in home office. Having a small desk in the living room will do. You just want to make sure to keep activities separate. Working in your bed is likely a bad idea as your brain associates that area with sleep. Even walking down to a coffee shop a couple times a week can be a great change in scenery and allow you to work productively at home.

Get Dressed

As tempting as it might be to work in your pajamas or sweats all day it really is in your best interest to get dressed to be more productive. Research has found that simply getting dressed for work actually does increase your productively.

Set a Schedule

To do list to work from home

Our next best tip for working productively is to set a schedule. It is especially easy to over work when you work from home. You can easily respond to emails way into the evening, or take a conference call early in the morning. Doing these things every so often is OK but allowing them to become a norm isn’t protecting your time. Setting a schedule allows you to be the most productive and also keep your time sacred.

Stay off Social Media

This one almost seems too easy but staying off social media is a great tip to work from home productively. Social Media is an easy way to waste time and lose focus on what you should be doing for work. Putting your phone away during work hours and avoiding social media all together is a great way to increase your productivity and stay focused.

Working from home offers some huge benefits but can sometimes make productivity a challenge. Following our 4 simple best tips to work from home productively will make working from home easy, fun, and extremely productive.