The idea of a work-life balance to some people is almost comical. Feeling the constant pull of having to do things for work but also home is not a good feeling. Today, we’re going to round up some ways to reduce stress, both at home and work, so that you can achieve the coveted work-life balance.


At work, managing work life balance

Prioritize Your Time

At the end of each day, spend a few minutes going over what you achieved for the day and what you still have to do tomorrow. Creating a list of your daily to-do’s, or even merely, just writing down your high priority items; allows you to come in the next day ready to go.

Ask for Help

Having a support system is truly vital. Just simply being able to talk to a work colleague about frustrations you have can significantly reduce stress and allow you to achieve a healthy work-life balance. If you have a team of people to help you, make sure you delegate tasks. It is always a great idea to ask for help when you’re feeling overwhelmed in a project.

Establish Boundaries

As a society, we are so connected to everything and everyone all the time. It is consequently vital to establish boundaries and stick to them to achieve a healthy work-life balance. Perhaps, you do not check emails after 7 pm. Or you won’t take work call or chats after a specific time. It is crucial to set boundaries and stick to them so you can rest and unwind.


Managing work life balance at home

Go on a Vacation

You do not need to go somewhere far or exotic. Just give yourself a chance to rest and unwind. Staying home may be just that for you. Or, find a new city you haven’t visited and take a little road trip.

Be Organized

Just like you need to prioritize your time at work, you need to do the same at home. Know what tasks or errands are of high urgency and get those done either after work or on the weekend. You don’t want to use all your free time entirely on errands.

Find a Hobby

Having an activity that you love to do outside of work is a great way to achieve a healthy work-life balance. Don’t have a hobby? Find one! Lots of crafts stores or stores that specialize in a hobby will offer classes. Jump in with both feet and enjoy! How do you achieve a work-life balance? Make sure and leave a comment below and let us know your favorite ways of separating work and play.