Hassle-Free Process & No Hidden Fees

Whether you want to sell a few shirts or a few thousand, Roo has you covered!

We’ve all been there…

You design a shirt exactly how you want and find a site to print it for you for $10*, then read on to learn that the $10 price is if you order 20 or more shirts.

No more nonsense! Printaroo gives you industry-best pricing so you can wear your masterpiece without having to empty out your wallet.

Raise funds for your fundraiser and cause by opening a store.

Order Your Custom Merchandise

No interest in opening a store and just want to get your design printed on a hoodie? Or maybe you planned a Disney family reunion and you just want 20 t-shirts so you don’t lose Aunt Jane in the crowd like last year.
Whatever you need, Printaroo can do it for you! There are no order minimums or limitations allowed here; and our proprietary process ensures you will have the best on-demand pricing and quality in the industry.

How do you buy your custom Roo?

Upload your design!



Upload your custom art or create your own design on our easy to use platform. Combine that with our wide selection of products; and you have a masterpiece ready to be shared to the world.

Select Your Merchandise


Select your Merchandise

T-shirts, hoodies, mugs, onesies, leggings… there are over 100 different variations of products you can choose from. Whatever your style, we’ve got you covered (literally and figuratively).

Printaroo takes it from here!



Let the Printaroo engine do the rest. Our software will pair you with the best manufacturer to fulfill your order and we’ll manage the process and logistics for you. Just keep thinking how good you’re going to look in a couple of days.

Enjoy your unique apparel



Your one-of-a-kind apparel has arrived and ready to be shown off to your friends and family! Take a selfie or 10, you deserve it!