Industry-best pricing guarantees your organization will make the biggest impact possible.

Your mission is to make the largest impact possible for your cause.

Our mission is to help organizations, like yours, concentrate on what they do best like fundraising.

We handle the things we do best like providing premium apparel and merchandise to drive awareness for your organization…

at absolutely no cost to you!

Raise funds for your fundraiser and cause by opening a store.

Raise Funds for your Cause

Printaroo cares! Our software efficiencies are best-in-class, passing down industry-best profits to your organization.

Instead of worrying about minimum orders, storing items you don’t sell, or anything in between and start concentrating on being the difference you wish to see in the world.

How to fundraise with Roo?

Our designer lets you upload shirt designs, or create text based logos



Upload your organization’s logo or design on our easy to use platform. Combine that with our wide selection of products; and you have a plethora of merchandise ready to engage your community.

Broadcasting your fundraiser or cause is the most important thing to do


Share Your Story

Share a little bit about your organization, why you are fundraising, and how you plan to make an impact in the lives of others. This is your opportunity to convert strangers into followers.

Printaroo's software handles shipping, customer service, and payments



This is where Printaroo supports you. Our software and team handles the details like sending the order to a partner production facility, processing donations, shipping, and all customer service. Think of us as your personal merchandise ambassador.

Printaroo makes fundraising for your team easy


Raise Funds

We have no tiered models for 501(c)(3) organizations. We truly care about your ability to make an impact in this world, so we donate our highest tiered software plan to your organization. This ensures you will have the highest net donation on any merchandise sold in the industry.