As shopping malls continue to close, ecommerce continues to be the place to shop. Product pricing tends to be lower, while variety is higher. To top it off, shopping online is flat out convenient. However, you can’t just open an online shop and expect to be successful. We’ve rounded up the traits all successful ecommerce businesses share.  

High Quality Photos

High quality photo When selling items online you’ll want to make sure your photos are incredibly high resolution. Customers need to truly understand the detail of the product and high quality pictures is one way to do just that. If you’re selling clothing, remember to take pictures from all different kinds of angles.  

Amazing Product Description

Typing a description for e-commerce business Having an amazing product description is a trait that all successful ecommerce businesses share. Not only are you describing the product but also companies need to tell the customer exactly what they will be doing with the product. For example, if you are selling mugs, your product descriptions might want to include imagery about where, when or with whom they will be using their mug with. The more detailed story the better the product description.  

Sorting Options

Sorting items by category Customers love this trait all successful ecommerce businesses share. Having a sorting option makes finding what you are looking for easy.  Make sure to have items sorted in a few categories. Such as bestsellers, gifts, etc. The options are endless!  

Customer Service

Helpful e-commerce business customer service If you are going to be running an ecommerce business, then you’ll want to make sure you have stellar customer service. You’ll want to respond to emails quickly and efficiently. Make sure that return or exchange orders are handled quickly. Customers make or break a company. For many customers, customer service is a key factor in determining whether to shop at an online store again.  

Professional Website

Professional e-commerce business website An ecommerce business needs to not only have a professional looking website but also have a social media page.  Building an easy to use website that not only looks amazing but is easy to use is key. Having a social media page and choosing what to post is also a trait of a highly successful ecommerce business.  

Smooth checkouts

Easy checkout for e-commerce business Our last trait all successful ecommerce businesses share is having smooth checkouts. For a customer, nothing is worse than trying to check out and not being able to. Ensuring a smooth and easy checkout is vital to ensuring repeat customers.   So there you have it, 6 traits all successful ecommerce businesses share.