The last post we discussed an ultimate classic in wearing shirts with sayings. This post we’re going to discuss another classic. A crew neck sweatshirt screams classic, comfortable, and dare we say, put together. We’ve created five places and ways to wear a sweatshirt that exclude Sunday night at home watching a movie.

Crew Neck Sweatshirt for Working Out

working out with crewneck sweatshirt 

This one seems like a no brainer, but companies all over the place are creating high-end workout shirts. While they do have their place if you can’t stand to pay $90 for a workout shirt consider a crew neck sweatshirt. Wearing a sweatshirt before, during, and after allows for the perfect amount of warmth and style. A crew neck sweatshirt is also a great option if you do yoga. It often takes the body a little bit to warm up.

The Office

We’re not talking about wearing a sweatshirt on casual Friday.  You can wear a crew neck sweatshirt any day of the week! For women, look for a sweatshirt that is embellished. A lace overlay or jewels will make your top more polished. For men, try layering one over a button up with a collar. For both men and women, the trick to wearing a sweatshirt in the office is to make sure your other accessories are more formal in nature.

The Weekend

Rather than pairing your crew neck sweatshirt with leggings to run errands try pairing your sweatshirt with raw hemmed jeans. Or a pair of great bell bottom jeans to give your outfit some more depth. Try pairing your outfit with some fun mules or converse sneakers for a more casual look. Anything can go when dressing for the weekend, so mix and match to have some fun!

Party/Going out for drinks

crewneck sweatshirt for hanging out

You can comfortably wear a crew neck to your next social event. Similarly, when dressing for a party, think of the rules we stated for wearing a sweatshirt to the office. You could easily add a more formal type blazer over your sweatshirt or pair it with a cute leather skirt for women. Again, the key is having some more formal accessories to balance out the comfort of the crew neck sweatshirt.


Who doesn’t want to feel comfortable when you’re going through the hassle of traveling? A crew neck sweatshirt is a perfect option, not only is it comfortable but it is great layering piece over a t-shirt or tank top. Nothing is worse than being stuck on a plane, train, or car and being crazy hot and not being able to do anything about it. Pair your sweatshirt with leggings and converse for a great casual look. If you want to feel more put together pair it with jeans and a great mule or sandal.

So there you have it, five ways to wear a crew neck sweatshirt. Some ways expected and some unexpected. Either way, you will be comfortable in however you chose to wear your sweatshirt.