The holidays may be over, but gift-giving indeed isn’t. Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are coming up, but it feels like there is always a birthday to celebrate or a reason to gift. Choosing that perfect gift can often be time-consuming and frustrating, especially if you aren’t entirely sure what you are going to give. Giving a piece of custom clothing or a personalized gift is a great way to ease your anxiety around gifting and truly create a gift that person will love. We’ve come up with five reasons to give a gift of custom clothing and personalized gifts below.

Adds a Personal Touch

personalized gifts have sentimental value

Whether you create a coffee mug with the recipient’s favorite sports team or create a plaque for an office, recognizing their accomplishments, custom clothing, and personalized gifts is a sure way to add a personal touch. Letting the recipient know that you are proud of all their hard work or simply that you listen when they tell you their favorite sports team. Giving a piece of custom clothing and personalized gift allows you to show that person you know there likes and dislikes as a person.

Personalized Gifts are Functional and Fun

personalized gifts from kids are the best

Often gifting a piece of custom clothing or a personalized gift allows you to take an ordinary object or article of clothing and makes it special. Whether you monogram a burp cloth as a shower gift or have a fleece zip-up monogrammed for a recent college grad. The recipient is given a functional gift and they can use vs. an item that will sit in their closet untouched.

No Gift Receipt Needed

Thanks to the ability to customize your gift you will never have to worry about giving a duplicate gift. The college grad may get an additional set of towels gifted to them but the monogram you placed on yours will make the gifts stand out, and the recipient is sure to be thankful.

Thinking and Planning Counts

mothers day is a great time to give a custom shirt

We’ve all heard the saying, “it’s the thought that counts.” That saying couldn’t be more accurate. Putting in the time and energy to create a piece of custom clothing or a personalized gift will always speak volumes.


Depending on the gift you give and the occasion, the gift can indeed become sentimental to the recipient. If you’re gifting a customized swaddle or onesie for a new baby, that mama will sure look back on those gifts and think of the shower and her little bitty baby. What a special touch to an already thoughtful gift.

Gift giving certainly doesn’t need to suck the life right out of you. Taking a little extra time creates a piece of custom clothing or personalized gift will like the recipient know how much you care.