Our past two blog posts have been about different types of fundraising; 5 Proven Fundraising Ideas and 10 Product Fundraising Ideas. In both articles, we touched on the importance of student involvement, but today we’ll really dive into fundraising skills students learn.

As educators and parents know, anything is possible with student buy-in and support. Fundraising is like anything else, students need to be connected to the cause in order to truly feel they are making an impact. Rather than viewing the fundraiser as just another thing to check off for the school year, try to think of it as a learning experience that can enrich the lives of the students, the school, and the potential customers. Below, we’ve outlined 4 lifelong fundraising skills students use/learn while conducting a fundraiser.

Fundraising Skill #1: Brainstorming

At the very beginning of deciding what fundraiser to do a level of brainstorming will occur. Whether this is with students, staff and/or parents it is a vital part of fundraising. Initially, students will need to determine what they are fundraising for. What area of the school or community is in need? Next, they will need to brainstorm what fundraiser is best and how they will implement it. Brainstorming is such an important skill not only for students in school but also when they are adults. It truly is a lifelong skill that needs to be taught in schools.

Brainstorming is highly stimulating and encourages:

    • Imagination
    • Creativity
    • Motivation
    • Teamwork
    • Understanding different viewpoints

Fundraising Skill #2: Teamwork

Fundraising requires a high degree of teamwork. Whether or not a fundraiser is successful is determined by how well the group works together to plan and implement the fundraiser.

Teamwork improves students:

    • Social skills
    • Oral communication skills
    • Idea development
    • Ability to listen

Fundraising Skill #3: Goal Setting

Students will have to be goal oriented in order to have a successful fundraiser. Learning how to set appropriate goals and how to successfully monitor them is a skill students will need in their lifetimes.

Goal setting teaches students:

    • How to allocate their time on specific tasks
    • Direction
    • Motivation
    • How to be clear decision makers

Fundraising Skill #4: Business Skills

Our last lifelong fundraising skill teaches students is an understanding of business and the daily decisions that go into running and sustaining a successful business.

Students will learn business decisions such as:

    • Marketing
    • Setting budgets
    • Conducting business transactions
    • Customer service


So many of the fundraising skills that students learn are life long skills that will allow them to be successful later on in life. These are skills that can be taught in an academic setting, but allowing students to grow these skills in a real everyday setting is even more beneficial.