Whether you are a startup business or one that has been around for a few years having custom shirts for your company is always a great idea.  Whether you’re trying to build brand loyalty or you want your employees to feel like one team; we’ve put together a few benefits to offering custom t-shirts.

Builds Brand Loyalty

build brands with shirts

Brand loyalty is a tough thing to grow in business. Think about offering custom t-shirts that have the logo of your company somewhere on them. They can merely be the logo that the staff is wearing or you can mix it up and add in some fun graphics. Regardless, customers love purchasing from companies that they love and enjoy supporting them. When designing a custom shirts for your company keep in mind the companies brand and the customer base. Have fun creating a custom t-shirt that your customer will love and enjoy wearing to support their favorite company.


Having customers wear your company’s apparel is free advertising for you. That is an opportunity that any company cannot pass up. Just think of all the places your custom t-shirt could be worn and the entire new set of eyes that will see it. Your company’s name is spreading organically, and you do not have to do much more than print the custom t-shirt for customers to buy.

Employee Satisfaction

Using a custom t-shirt as your employee uniform has many benefits. Studies continue to confirm that employees and students alike are much more productive when they are wearing a uniform. Wearing a custom t-shirt or uniform in the workplace creates a sense of unity. Everyone is pulling together for the same cause.


benefits of custom tshirts for your company is rewards

Customers love free things. Consider ways that you might be able to offer custom t-shirts to your customers. Perhaps having a punch card and on their 12th visit, the customer gets a custom t-shirt supporting the company. Or maybe use the rewards to entice employees to work above and beyond. Whatever the reward is, people will enjoy feeling like they’ve have received a good deal.

Having custom t-shirts for customers and employees offers many benefits — more than just the few we have listed. Designing and printing your custom t-shirt shouldn’t be an overwhelming task. Consider opening a shop on Printaroo and creating your own. The process is tremendously smooth, and the print quality is fantastic.