Last week, we wrote about 5 Proven Fundraising Ideas that ditch the old paper, pencil, catalog fundraiser. While we still believe those 5 ideas offer the most unique experience for students we’ve put together a brief list below of great product fundraising ideas that will be sure to please the crowd. Sometimes you just need to make some money quickly and without a ton of work!


    • Popcornopolis offers some seriously fun flavors (hello unicorn, zebra, and jalapeno). What we love most about their fundraising division is that you can order a sample kit to try out the flavors before even committing to your fundraiser. What better way to ensure success than to love the product you are going to be asking students to sell. Their website also offers 5 Easy Steps to Success where they lay out all the steps the school will be going through during the fundraiser. That way, expectations are clear and little to no hiccups will occur. 
    • Deanan Gourmet Popcorn offers fewer flavor options (but some seriously fun colors!) and has two different types of fundraising your school could participate in. You can do a presale fundraiser where students get orders and money prior to placing the actual product order; or you can go the direct sales route and purchase a case of popcorn and sell it directly to the customers. No wait time for the customers, and less that students and parents have to keep track of.


    • Yankee Candle Company is as close to a household name for a candle fundraiser as you can get. Their website boasts offering 150 products that range from $6-$28, truly offering something for everyone. As an added benefit, Yankee Candle does all the tallying and will ship all orders already broken up for each customer. All of the hassle of keeping track and distributing is done for you.
    • Just Fundraising has put a seriously cool spin on selling candles. They offer different categories of candles that you choose to best fit your potential customers. For example, if you are a school, the Journey of Faith candle fundraiser might fit you best. Likewise, if a conservation class is trying to raise funds for a trip, the Earth Candle fundraiser might be best.

Pasta & Coffee

  • Fun Pasta Fundraising offers some seriously fun meals. Not only do they offer some adorable pasta shapes and colors, but most of the management of the selling is done online. Parents and students are not having to collect money or manage order distribution.
  • Java Joe’s is a product fundraising idea that almost all parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles can get behind. Like, Fun Pasta, Java Joe’s offer’s an online fundraising option. They also boast about their new K-cups that they offer. No matter the machine Java Joe’s offers a coffee for everyone. 

Cookie Dough

  • Otis Spunkmeyer has some yummy treats to entice costumers! Their website doesn’t spell out exactly the products they offer, besides frozen cookie dough, but if you’re looking for a brand that has been around for a while, this is it. You can easily request additional information and get your fundraising started. 
  • Mrs. Fields offers a proportioned frozen cookie dough fundraiser. They offer both an online form and phone number for learning more information and setting up a product fundraiser.

Magazine Subscriptions

  • Fundraising Zone offers both magazine subscriptions and vouchers. Vouchers are perfect for the individual who wants to support a child or organization in this product fundraising idea but can’t commit to an actual magazine. Furthermore, as students make sales they have an opportunity to earn prizes.
  • Cherrydale Fundraising Company offers many different types of product fundraising ideas, one of which is magazines. On their website, they state that they offer over 900 different magazines with the option to either renew a current magazine subscription or purchase one as a gift. The options seem limitless with this fundraiser.

The sky is the limit when choosing from product fundraising ideas for your school. Time must be taken in advanced to first choose what type of fundraiser you would like to hold and then again what company to go with. Many fundraising companies are taking the hassle out of fundraising and now have online ordering capabilities for customers.

In our next post we’ll discuss 4 life skills students learn while running a fundraiser!